Giving the industry
a wake-up call with
leading technology.

Thinking Ahead

We believe that better sleep means thinking ahead. Diamond is dedicated to pursuing people-first innovation, improving lives and transforming the relationship we can build with sleep. Everyone deserves to live well-rested, and we’re making that happen by turning dreams of better sleep into reality.

A Mattress For Everyone

Every body is unique. That’s why we offer the widest range of firmness and layering options within our mattresses, so everyone can find comfort that feels just right. Since we handcraft every single mattress ourselves, we’ve been able to create our own Comfort Level Scale that measures the feel of each mattress. Our goal is to provide you with the right tools to build the best sleep of your life. Take our Quiz

Stay Aligned

Your mattress is where your day ends, and your day begins. It’s a sanctuary that should always have your back with a supportive surface you can count on. Our Patented Zoned Support System features nested coils that offer 25% more support than traditional spring systems, targeting zoned pressure points along your spine for better posture and healthy alignment. We are constantly developing new ways to elevate our support systems, because staying aligned is the backbone to being healthy, strong and present every day.

Living in Thermic Harmony

What’s often overlooked is how important it is to sleep in an environment that feels natural. Our temperature rises and falls throughout the night, and a mattress that can respond to your body, moving heat away and carrying airflow in, creates a soothing atmosphere for fuller, deeper sleep. Our Temperature-Regulating Foams & Fabrics do this, and more, to make sure you find this ideal comfort zone every single night. Your sleep environment wakes up with you, too. Sleeping more naturally means you’ll rise more naturally, creating a rhythm that lets you live your most productive life.