10 Year Limited Warranty
Safety Shield Mattress and Pillow Protectors are designed to extend the life of your mattress by protecting it from allergens and stains that can soil or damage your mattress and also void the manufacturer's warranty.

At Safety Shield we are committed to producing the highest quality products available, which is why we offer a full 10 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects to the mattress protector. This warranty is to assure you that should there be any damage to the mattress protector due to regular use, we will replace the protector.
Extended Warranty
When a Safety Shield Mattress Protector is purchased and delivered at the same time as a new mattress from an authorized Safety Shield retail store the mattress qualifies for Safety Shield's Extended Warranty. The extended warranty provides additional protection from any stains that the mattress may receive due to any manufacturing defects of the protector, on the condition that the protector was properly installed and in use at the time of the stain, and that a visibly damaged protector wasn't installed or re-installed on the mattress.