Kids & Potty Training

Bedwetting is sporadic and common for younger children, and can often continue into early puberty. This creates stress and trauma for both parents and children. Without a Safety Shield Mattress Protector, your child’s mattress would become unsanitary and they would not have a clean, dry mattress to sleep on.
Safety Shield Mattress Protectors provide the best means of quietly and efficiently remedying the results of nighttime accidents by allowing your child’s mattress to remain sanitary, while allowing you to quickly provide a warm, comfortable mattress for your child to sleep on after their nighttime accident.
The Safety Shield Mattress Protector is easy to wash and tumble dry, allowing you to quickly remove and wash without disturbing your child’s sleep.
Facts to Consider:
  • You are not alone. Each year over 8 million families experience the same situation.
  • Bedwetting can affect people of all age-groups, including adults.
  • Studies show that over 20% of children (1 in 5) wet the bed and that bed wetting is partially genetic and involuntary.
Practical Steps to Consider:
  • Ask your child not to drink any liquids 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Protect your child’s bed with a Safety Shield waterproof protector (We recommend having 2 protectors at home so you can easily change them when accidents occur at night or when you’re changing sheets).
  • When sleeping over at a friend’s house, let your child pack their Safety Shield mattress protector. Often children are afraid of sleeping at a friend’s house out of fear that they may have an accident.