Firmness Rating & Style

  Range Purpose
Firmness Rating
10 = Firmest
1 = Softest
To help you compare between models to find the comfort level that's right for you.*
Firm Tight Top
Tight Top
Euro Top
Pillow Top
Super Pillow Top
This describes construction style & look of the mattress.
Mattress Model: Generations Relief
Firmness/Style: Luxury Plush (3) Tight Top

Generations Relief Luxury Plush is a 3 of 10 in firmness and a tight top, which means it has a plush quilt, but no pillow top.

Firmness Rating Scale

Firmness Description Example
1 Luxury Soft  
2 Soft Soft pillows on a couch
3 Luxury Plush  
4 Plush  
5 Medium Plush The living room couch
6 Medium  
7 Medium Firm  
8 Luxury Firm A down comforter on carpet
9 Firm  
10 Extra Firm The floor
*Firmness does not equal support. Support comes from the quality of the materials and support system.