Foundations & Adjustable Bases

A solid, well built foundation is important for providing proper support and durability so your new mattress will remain comfortable for years to come. Our sustainable, hard wood foundations come in 8” high profile and 4” low profile so you can find the height that’s right for you.

Pro-Motion Lifestyle Adjustable Base
This basic adjustable comes with a wired remote and allows for almost unlimited ergonomic positions for sleeping in comfort, and when reading, watching TV or relaxing in bed.

S-Cape Lifestyle Adjustable Base
The ultimate in sleep comfort, our S-Cape wireless adjustable base has dual massage and almost unlimited ergonomic sleeping positions for truly luxurious sleep. This lifestyle adjustable base makes your mattress a refuge where you can fully relax while sleeping, reading, watching TV or relaxing in bed, while the gentle massage helps your muscles relax and heal.

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Bed Frames
A strong, solid bed frame is important for supporting your mattress and foundation, and lifting them off the ground.

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