Talalay vs Dunlop Latex

The terms “Talalay” and “Dunlop” refer to two different methods in which natural latex is processed. Dunlop latex was developed in 1929 and is the oldest method for producing natural latex. Talalay latex was created in the 1950s and goes a step further in producing a quality natural latex product. Both Talalay and Dunlop originate from a rubber based material and are put into a mold. However, the Talalay process goes a step beyond because, once in the mold, the natural latex is vacuum sealed and flash frozen. The end result of the Talalay process is a natural latex with an open-cell structure with many additional benefits.

There are numerous benefits to using natural latex, and specifically in using Talalay latex. It is because of the unique characteristics and benefits of Talalay latex that it is used in all Ethos™ mattresses.
 Talalay Latex
Dunlop Latex
Feel More buoyant and consistent in feel. Talalay has a more buoyant, weightless, feather-like feel and a wider, more accurate range of firmnesses. Denser, firmer, inconsistent feel. The Dunlop process allows the particles in the material to settle to the bottom of the mold making it firmer on one side and less consistent overall. It has a dead, firmer feel.

Pressure Relief

Relieves pressure up to 33% better than traditional cushioning materials. Provides instant, pressure relieving comfort that allows better circulation and softer feels that reduce tossing and turning. Does not conform to the body as well and does not have consistent pillow soft materials. Doesn’t relieve pressure as well as Talalay.
Breathability Full Ventilation and an Open-Cell structure make Talalay the most breathable latex available helping your muscles and skin receive the oxygen they need to rejuvenate and repair themselves. Not fully ventilated, the Dunlop process also leaves a skin over the top of the materials which greatly reduces breathability and can make it sleep hot.


Naturally dust mite resistant and anti-microbial, Talalay Latex is good for your lungs and body. There are no harmful chemicals used to manufacture Talalay Latex. Great for allergy sufferers and those with asthma. Has the same or similar anti-microbial properties.
Consistency The most consistent latex available. Talalay latex has accurate, consistent firmness from top to bottom. Inconsistent feel. Material settles to the bottom making it firmer on one side and inconsistent throughout.
Durability The most durable cushioning materials available, Talalay maintains a consistent feel longer than any other foam. Changes feel and breaks down more quickly than Talalay Latex.
Manufacturing Process The most advanced process available. Talalay is vacuum molded and frozen to maintain perfect consistency and create a wide range of feels from pillow soft to extra firm. The process makes Talalay more buoyant, resilient and comfortable. Learn more. Older process created in 1929 allows particles in the material to settle to the bottom creating and uneven feel and leading to faster break down and changes in feel.

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