Talalay Latex Process

Talalay Latex is made using the most advanced latex manufacturing process in the world. This advanced process is what gives Talalay Latex it’s unique benefits and makes it the most consistent and durable latex available. Talalay Latex comes in the widest and most accurate range of firmnesses from pillow soft to extra firm.

Two extra steps are taken to make Talalay Latex, which sets it apart and makes it more consistent and durable than any other type of latex:
  • Vacuum Chamber Molding: It is molded in a vacuum chamber to evenly distribute all of the material so you don’t end up with one side firmer than the other, such as with Dunlop Latex. Learn more.
  • Flash Freezing: Freezing instantly sets all of the materials in place so they maintain perfect consistency and an accurate feel.

The 6-Step Talalay Process

1. Compounding: The key ingredient, natural latex, is a rubber based material that is extracted from the tropical hevea brasiliensis tree in the same manner that sap is extracted from maple trees. This rubber is combined with other ingredients that are naturally biodegradable that come from renewable resources and water-based raw materials. These agents are mixed together in a temperature controlled, stainless steel tank.
2. Molding: The mixture is transferred to a pressroom and whipped into a froth and injected into an aluminum pin core mold. The pins create a unique aerated cell structure that naturally leads to increased breathability. The mold is sealed with a vacuum to extract air and completely fill the mold cavity with foam. The foam is then chilled at -20 degrees. The unique freezing process of Talalay Latex prevents particles from settling and ensures a consistent cell structure, and thus consistent quality and feel. CO2 is then introduced to gel the foam and finally 220 degree heat is applied to cure the foam as the core is baked into a solid state.
3. Washing The natural latex is then removed from the mold and goes through a five-stage washer, which removes residual soaps and curing agents using fresh water.
4. Drying: The latex is transported to a two-lane dryer, which completes the curing process and removes residual moisture.
5. Quality Testing: Once dry, EVERY latex core undergoes a nine-point firmness consistency test to ensure all cores meet stringent quality standards.
6. Fabrication: Latex cores are expertly cut and constructed to meet stringent consumer guidelines.

The Result

Ventilated Talalay Latex
The result is a natural, healthy alternative to petroleum-based foams that are used in traditional bedding. Talalay Latex is made using sustainable, renewable natural resources. The natural substances used to produce Talalay Latex allow it to be recycled and re-used making it the most eco-friendly cushioning material in the world. Additionally, Talalay Latex has numerous benefits that include being naturally hypoallergenic, inherently resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites, while also being toxin and chemical free. Learn more about the benefits of Talalay Latex, click here.

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