Environmental Impact

Latex Forest
Natural Talalay latex is exclusively used in all of our Ethos mattresses, not only because of its amazing pressure relieving capabilities that make you feel weightless and buoyant, but also because it is the most natural cushioning material available and has the least environmental impact. Below are some of reasons why we love Talalay latex and appreciate its low environmental impact.
  • Natural, Sustainable, Recyclable Raw Materials: Talalay latex is made from the sap of rubber trees, a sustainable, renewable resource. Due to its highly natural composition, Talalay latex can be recycled and re-used, a result that benefits the environment.
  • No Harmful Chemicals or Ozone Damage: The Talalay latex process does not use harmful solvents and does not damage the ozone layer.
  • Sustainable and Renewable Resource: The trees that produce Talalay latex have a 25 year productive life-span.
  • Rubber Trees Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Rubber trees have a strong effect on the environment as they quickly absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help reduce greenhouse emissions.
  • No Harmful Emissions: The Talalay latex manufacturing process does not emit harmful elements into the atmosphere and does not use external filtration.
  • Oeko-Tex Certified: The Talalay latex used in all Ethos™ mattresses is certified by Oeko-Tex to be free of harmful substances or chemicals.
  • Talalay Latex is Made Using an Eco-Friendly Production Method: To learn more, click here.
  • Low Energy Requirements: All Ethos’ Talalay latex is made in the USA at a manufacturer that features a highly automated process which optimizes the energy usage during every stage of production, especially the molding stage where the latex is heated, and also contains energy efficient lighting.
  • Water is Recycled and Conserved: A multi-stage automated washing system is used during the rinsing phase of the Talalay process to clean and purify the latex while recycling and minimizing water usage.

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