Ethos Advantage

Ethos was designed to solve the main problem with the current latex mattresses: you can’t feel the buoyancy of the latex or receive its full pressure relieving benefits. We solved this problem by developing our Ethos mattresses with Direct Contact design, which eliminates the rigid quilting layers and brings you in direct contact with the layers of Talalay latex right under the soft, super-stretch knit fabric. Ethos’ exclusive Direct Contact design makes the most buoyant, pressure relieving, weightless feeling latex mattresses available. To learn more about Direct Contact, click here.

Benefits of Our Ethos Mattresses

Reduces Tossing and Turning
Talalay latex relieves painful pressure points and conforms to your body, which reduces tossing and turning. At night, pressure points cause your blood to stagnate, which signals the brain to make you turn to release the pressure. By virtually eliminating painful pressure points, our Ethos beds greatly reduce tossing and turning.
Sleep Undisturbed, Even When Your Partner Moves
Ethos mattresses do not transfer motion, so you and your partner will sleep undisturbed throughout the night. The combination of our Direct Contact design, Talalay latex, and advanced support systems virtually eliminates motion transfer so you and your partner will not wake each other up at night.
Buoyant, Weightless, Floating Feel
Ethos’ exclusive Direct Contact design means there is nothing between you and the buoyant, weightless feel of our Talalay latex. No other latex mattress offers you the full benefits and great feel of Talalay latex. To learn more about Direct Contact, click here.
Never Breaks Down or Wears Out*
Ethos mattresses have been rigorously tested and the tests show that they will never break down and become uncomfortable. That’s why we offer an industry leading 20 year warranty. To learn more about our testing, click here.
Natural Hypo-Allergenic & Anti-Microbial Talalay Latex
Bacteria, dust mites, mold and mildew cannot live in Talalay latex, making it naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Talalay latex has many other great benefits. Learn more.
Uses the Best, Most Consistent & Durable Latex Available
Talalay latex is exclusively used in our Ethos mattresses because it is the best, most durable, consistent, and pressure relieving latex available. Learn more about Talalay latex in our Learn About Latex section or click here.
Made in the USA
All of our Ethos mattresses and materials are made right here in the USA. We even cut the foam in-house to ensure accuracy and quality and make our own wrapped coil spring units, right here at Diamond Mattress. To learn more about Diamond Mattress, click here.
Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty
We don’t just say our mattresses will never break down, we back it up with our industry leading 20 year warranty. We have tested our beds and are confident in offering a warranty twice As rigorous as the industry standard. See the chart below.
*Ethos beds consistently outperform industry standards in testing, which is why we offer our industry leading warranty.

And We Went Beyond...

We didn’t stop by solving the main problems with current latex mattresses, we went beyond.
Organic Mattresses
We make the most organic mattress possible that is completely chemical free and uses certified organic wool, up to 10” of Talalay latex, our Direct Contact design and English Tufting to hold the materials together. Learn more.
Hybrid Beds A truly unique, buoyant-feeling mattress with all of the benefits of our Talalay latex and Diamond-made wrapped coil support system, which gives you an amazingly buoyant feel at an affordable price. Learn more.
Fine Handcrafting
Each mattress is hand made by skilled craftsmen using luxurious materials, fabrics and fine detailing.
Ethos Direct Contact Warranty Graph

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