Direct Contact Design

Diamond Mattress' exclusive Direct Contact design ensures your mattress will conform perfectly to your body, providing rejuvenating support and comfort for years to come. Imagine a mattress that will never get body impressions or break-down over time. With Direct Contact there is nothing between you and comfortable sleep because all of the best materials are right at the top of the mattress, where you need them the most. With Direct Contact you will can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Top Benefits of Our Exclusive Direct Contact Design

Incredible Feel & Comfort

Direct Contact beds an amazing feel unlike any mattress you have ever slept on because there there is nothing between you and our Natural Talalay Latex. We have removed all of the rigid, constricting materials found in traditional mattresses, so all of the materials can contour perfectly to your body, placing you in Direct Contact with the highest quality, most pressure relieving materials in your mattress.

No Body Impressions

Your mattress will return to its original shape every time and will never sag or get deep, uncomfortable body impressions. This is because the best materials are right at the top where you need them most.

Never Breaks Down
Our exclusive Direct Contact design means your mattress will feel like a brand new bed for years to come. Our Direct Contact design eliminates the polyester fibers and rigid materials in traditional mattresses that break down and soften over time for years of comfort.
Maximum Pressure Relief & Comfort Direct Contact allows you to receive the full pressure relieving benefits and comfort of the highest quality materials in your mattress by working in harmony with your body and the materials in your bed by eliminating the restrictive layers and quilting of traditional mattresses.
Contours To Your Body Perfectly Our Direct Contact design allows your mattress to perfectly contour to your body thereby reducing painful pressure points and tossing and turning at night.
Adjustable Power Base Friendly All Direct Contact beds are designed to work with adjustable power foundations. Adjustable foundations allow virtually unlimited positions for sleeping, reading, relaxing, or watching TV in bed. Check out our adjustable power foundations to learn more.
Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty We believe you deserve the best, which is why our Direct Contact warranty is twice as good as the industry standard. We guarantee years of comfort, because we have tested our mattresses rigorously and know they will provide unparallel, lasting comfort and support.
Ethos Direct Contact Warranty Graph

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