Spinal Comfort


Spinal Comfort, our most diverse collection, offers a large range of feels at affordable prices.  All of the models use our exclusive Tri-Zoned, foam encased design, which provides enhanced edge and lumbar support and an increased sleeping surface. Many of the models use our Diamond Made Individually Wrapped Coils, which relieve painful pressure points and provide undisturbed rest by distributing weight evenly and preventing motion transfer, while other models use the VeriCoil® Innerspring, which has 21% more coils and increased surface coverage as compared to a traditional spring unit. In addition, some models use the highest quality natural latex available, which has many benefits including being naturally hypo-allergenic, buoyant, and resilient. Other models use our high density eco-memory foam, which sleeps cool and naturally conforms to your body. With so many benefits and a large range of feels the Spinal Comfort Collection is guaranteed to have the right mattress to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed.
Royal Grove Pillow Top
Royal Grove
The Royal Grove beds combine an organic cotton fabric, Talalay Latex, and eco-memory foam with our individually wrapped coils to give you a peaceful night's sleep.
Crescent Bay Pillow Top
Crescent Bay
The Crescent Bay beds combine Talalay Latex and plant based eco-flex foam with our individually wrapped coils to create a buoyant, feather-like pressure relief.
Hampton Euro Top
The 3 unique feels of the Hampton models are created by combining eco-memory foam, eco-flex foam, and our 744 individually pocketed coils in order to guarantee a comfortable night's rest.
Surfside Pillow Top
The Spinal Comfort Surfside models offer 3 distinct feels at affordable prices while still combining the benefits of eco-memory foam and our wrapped coil system.
Bella Pillow Top
The Spinal Comfort Bella models offer 3 unique feels that combine our high density, pressure relieving, plant based foam with our foam encased Verticoil, offering durable, lasting comfort.

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