Our Generations Collection is one of our best selling mattress collections. The Generations beds are designed to relieve painful pressure points and provide undisturbed rest by distributing weight evenly and preventing motions transfer by using special, high density luxury foams in combination with our Diamond-made individually-wrapped coils. These beds also use our exclusive, Tri-Zoned, foam-encased design, which provides enhanced edge and lumbar support and an increased sleeping surface, so you will never feel like you are rolling off the bed. It also provides ample support when sitting on the edge of the mattress or getting out of bed in the morning.
Duchess Luxury Plush
Designed & hand-tailored with royalty in mind, the Duchess will transport you into a blissful nights sleep - surrounded by comfort and contoured support.
York™ Luxury Plush Pillow Top
The York is the newest addition to our luxurious Generations collection. Specifically designed to provide you with the most relaxing and comfortable night's sleep.
Escape Luxury Pillow Top
Our most luxurious traditional models, the Escape beds feature our exclusive nested wrapped coils and Cool GEL technology for a peaceful night's rest.
Relief Luxury Pillow Top
Abundant pressure relief and undisturbed sleep are provided by the Relief models, which feature individually wrapped coils and Cool GEL technology.

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