The Dream Collection beds use our highest quality, Diamond-made, individually-wrapped coil system and are designed to provide affordable luxury. This has made them our best selling collection using our premium wrapped coils. The Dream Collection offers all of the benefits of our indvidually-wrapped coils and Tri-Zoned foam-encased design, which provides undisturbed rest, enhanced lumbar and edge support, so you never feel like you will roll off the bed or fall into the middle, and does so at a great value. There are 6 mattresses in the Dream Collection ranging from Soft to Extra Firm.
Imagine™ Euro Top
The Imagine™ offers an unparalleled sleep, with all of the benefits of our individually-wrapped coils and Tri-Zoned foam-encased design, which provides undisturbed rest.
Devotion™ Pillow Top
Softer and more conforming, the Devotion is the perfect mattress for someone who wants a lighter and more comfortable mattress.
Reflection™ Pillow Top
The Reflection™ is the best selling mattress in the Dream Collection. It has luxurious soft quilt, but offers a supportive medium feel.
Sage™ Pillow Top
The Sage™ is a comfortable medium-firm mattress that is a step softer than the Hazel™ and slightly firmer than the Reflection™.
Hazel™ Euro Top
The Hazel™ is great value for comfort and support. It's designed to be medium-firm, yet provide you with some comfortability for the lower back.

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