CoolSpring GEL


Our CoolSpringGEL Collection has been tailored to provide an undisturbed, peaceful night's rest that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvinated.  Featuring advanced Gel technology, the Unity and Skyline models allow you to sleep cool at night, while the Diamond made individually wrapped coil system prevents motion transfer, providing a restful night's sleep. These beds also use our exclusive, Tri-Zoned, foam-encased design, which enhances edge and lumbar support and increases the sleeping surface, so you will never feel like you are rolling off the bed. It also provides ample support when sitting on the edge of the mattress or getting out of bed in the morning.
Unity Pillow Top
A peaceful night’s sleep awaits due to the soothing properties of Cool Gel combined with reduced motion transfer from our 7 series individually wrapped coils
Skyline Pillow Top
Combining Cool Gel comfort with Diamond-made 5 series individually wrapped coils, the Skyline beds provide lasting comfort and support.
Breeze™ Plush Pillow Top
Softer and more conforming, the Breeze™ is the perfect mattress for someone who wants a lighter and more comfortable mattress.
Melody™ Medium Euro Top
Enjoy a calm and comfortable sleep with the soothing properties of CoolTouch GEL.
Cadence™ Plush Pillow Top
The Cadence™ is a comfortable and well-built mattress that is a great value for it's price and noticeably softer than the Stella™
Stella™ Medium Euro Top
The Stella™ is great value for needed support and comfort. It's unique design provides you with gentle suppor with some comfortability for the lower back.

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