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Distinct Feel: Both Are Durable & Relieve Pressure, But Offer 2 Distinct Feels
Individually wrapped coils are the most popular coil support system on the market. They offer a weightless, buoyant feel, but with all of the pressure relieving, motion separating benefits of an all foam core. Many people prefer the feel of a wrapped coil support system because it offers bi-directional support by both absorbing weight and pushing back to instantly conform to your body and relieve pressure across your entire body.

At Diamond Mattress we make our own wrapped coils right here at our facility in the USA.
All foam support systems offer great pressure relief and no motion transfer. All foam support systems tend to have a more solid, sturdy feel. They don’t push back against your body or have the “give” of a traditional innerspring mattress. Rather they provide lasting, conforming support to your entire body and have a stable, solid, supportive feel.

When paired with our CoolTouch Memory Foam or natural talalay latex, it creates a perfect blend of a solid, stable, no motion transfer core with the pressure relieving benefits of our specialty foams.
Reduces Tossing & Turning: Sleep Deeper Throughout The Night & Wake Up Refreshed
Virtually eliminates pressure points that cause you to toss and turn at night by contouring to your body to evenly distribute your weight while adjusting to the shape and weight of your body.

You can see how our wrapped coils contour to the body by the picture above that shows how our wrapped coils work independently to contour to your body’s shape and weight.
Naturally eliminates painful pressure points that cause you to toss and turn by gently absorbing your weight and wrapping itself around your body for deep support and pressure relief.
No Motion Transfer: Sleep Undisturbed Even When Your Partner Moves
Both wrapped coils and all foam support systems do not transfer motion so you can sleep soundly throughout the night without being disturbed by your partner.
Pressure Relief: Allows Your Muscles & Skin To Remain Refreshed & Healthy
Studies have shown that sleep helps your muscles and skin heal and replenish themselves so they remain healthy and nourished. By relieving pressure points on your body at night, wrapped coils and all foam support systems allow your blood to circulate and flow more efficiently, bringing needed oxygen and nourishment to cells throughout your body.

Removing pressure points also reduces tossing and turning at night by preventing blood to stagnate in high pressure areas, which sends a signal to your brain telling your body to move. When you toss and turn at night, you subtly wake yourself up and pull yourself out of the most rejuvenating and healthy levels of sleep. Our wrapped coils and all foam support systems help to eliminate painful pressure points for healthy, rejuvenating sleep.
Comfort: Which is More Comfortable?
In terms of comfort, wrapped coils and all foam support systems both provide amazing pressure relief and comfort, but offer 2 distinct feels and ways of reducing pressure. Neither is "better than" the other, it really comes down to your personal preference.

Wrapped coils offer a more buoyant, floating feel that most people are more familiar with since they have slept on coils in the past. However, our wrapped coils operate independently to provide a level of pressure relief and comfort you won’t find in any other coil support system. They contour to your individual body and don’t transfer motion so you will sleep undisturbed all night long.

All foam support systems are relatively new on the market and offer a solid, supportive feel. All foam mattresses tend not to have the “give” and buoyancy of a traditional coil mattress, which many people really like. They provide excellent orthopedic support and pressure relief and are very popular.

Ultimately, at Diamond Mattress personal preference and feel separate these two support systems more than anything else because we ensure the materials we use are of the highest quality, so they are both durable, and they both provide excellent pressure relief, but in 2 very different ways.
Pros & Cons
  • Contours perfectly to your body
  • Buoyant, weightless feel and pressure relief
  • Extremely durable for lasting comfort
  • Doesn't transfer motion for undisturbed rest
  • Individualized support contours to each person perfectly
  • Personal preference based on comfort
  • Contours perfectly to your body
  • Solid, supportive feel and pressure relief
  • Extremely durable for lasting comfort
  • Doesn't transfer motion for undisturbed rest
  • Individualized support contours to each person perfectly
  • Personal preference based on comfort
  • Low quality foam cores will soften faster and create a sinking feeling - Diamond only uses high density, high quality Eco-Flex cores for our mattresses.
Collections with Wrapped Coil or All Foam Support Systems
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