2" CoolTouchâ„¢ Topper

2" CoolTouch Topper with Removable, Washable Cover
2" CoolTouch Topper with Removable, Washable Cover
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2" CoolTouch Topper with Removable, Washable Cover
Our exclusive CoolTouch material is 10 times more breathable than generic memory foam due to its open-cell, fully ventilated design
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  • The 2" CoolTouch™ Topper was designed by Diamond Mattress to offer addition comfort, support and breathability.  Ideal for many situations, including improving the comfort of a current mattress, camping, recreational vehicles, overnight guests, and other situations where comfortable sleep is necessary but a traditional mattress is not practical.

    Top Benefits of Our 2" CoolTouch™ Topper

    2" CoolTouch™ Foam Absorbs pressure and contours to your body for deep pressure relief.
    Fully Ventilated Design The fully ventilated core offers increased airflow so that you remain comfortable throughout the night.
    Luxurious Breathable Fabric The soft, stretch knit fabric adds additional comfort and breathability  that lasts.
    Zippered Cover Easily removable and washable.
    Light Weight, Compact Design  Allows you to easily move the topper while taking up little storage space.
    Ideal for Many Different Situations Convenient for many situations, including but not limited to camping, recreational vehicles, and overnight guests.
    Made in the USA

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