Activate™ Adjustable Lifestyle Base

Activate ™ Adjustable Queen Lifestyle Base by Body Logic
Activate ™ Adjustable Queen Lifestyle Base by Body Logic
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Activate ™ Adjustable Queen Lifestyle Base by Body Logic
Activate™ Wired Remote
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    Elevate or Lower Your Head & Feet Maximized your comfort level to your unique needs by independently adjusting your head and feet.
    Wired Hand Remote Remote is attached to the base and allows you to easily adjust your head and feet.
    DC Operating System DC Operating System is capable of supporting up to 450 pounds.
    Mechanisms Mechanism and electronics UL listed.
    Variable Heights Variable height options available to match any desired profile.
    Fits Bedframes    

    The base easily fits into most bedframes.

  • Details

    • Comes in Twin Long, Full Long, and Eastern King. Alternative sizes available upon request.
    • 8" High Base, with low profile legs (variable leg heights available).
    • Able to be used with most bedframes.



    Comes with a 1 Year Full Warranty (Parts & Labor) and 2 Year Limited Warranty. Learn more.

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