History of Diamond Mattress

The Great Depression & the Dust Bowl: An Entrepreneur Arrives

Jim & Pearl making box springs in
their home garage in 1938.
In 1929, Jim and Pearl Pennington welcomed their new son, Richard, into their lives. Living in Lawton, Oklahoma, Jim provided for his family by working alongside his father at a local mattress manufacturer.  Unfortunately, their life in Oklahoma came to an abrupt halt after the Great Depression forced Jim out of business, and the Dust Bowl ruined the farms that Pearl’s family lived on.  Having nowhere else to turn, Jim left his wife and child behind in search of work in California.

In 1938, Jim put his entrepreneurial spirit to work after conceiving the idea to take up a second job making foundations for local mattress manufacturers out of his garage.  With his day job and second line of work finding a small amount of success, Jim sent for Pearl and Richard to come and live with him in California.  With Pearl’s help doing the office work and sewing, and Jim making foundations in their garage and delivering the product, Jim was able to quit his day job and focus full time on his new business venture.

Jim delivering their largest order to
date in 1942.
By August 1939, Jim and Pearl’s foundation business had grown to the point that they were able to move to a building with larger living quarters in the back.  They were also able to hire a truck driver for deliveries in their new 1937 Chevrolet truck. By 1941, due to the demand created from their increasing amount of orders, Jim and Pearl purchased a garnet machine from an old factory in Oklahoma City.  Although a great buy, Jim went through “many hardships bringing the garnet machine back to California in a one and one-half ton flat bed dilapidated truck,” Pearl wrote.

Jim, Pearl & Richard
on vacation at
Mount Baldy 1940.

1946: A Diamond in the Rough

In 1946, after the war was over, Jim and Pearl purchased Diamond Mattress Co. From the beginning, Jim and Pearl’s business philosophy was to work hard and make a quality product while maintaining excellent service and value. These values were passed on to Richard, who came to work for his parent’s full time in 1954. The hard work, honesty, and integrity of the Pennington’s led to an increase in their retailer base as well as government contracts.

Richard posing after
making the first mattress
produced in their new
factory in 1969.

1969: A New Building, A New Beginning

In 1967, Jim passed away due to natural causes.  Nevertheless, the strength of the family partnership continued with the dedication of Pearl and Richard, whose values and teamwork led to continued growth throughout California.  In 1969, the Pennington’s took a leap of faith and purchased a new, large building in Rancho Dominguez, CA.  Today, this continues to be the primary production facility of Diamond Mattress.

Randy delivering mattresses on his
summer vacation in 1979.

Today: Four Generations of Family Values, Quality Products, and a Culture of Integrity & Service

In the 1970s, Richard's son, Randy, came to work full time in the family business.  Working alongside his best friend and mentor, Randy’s help led to the third generation of dedication to the core values and quality products that are the heart of Diamond. Randy’s focus on producing a quality product at an exceptional value, while continually reinvesting in state of the art equipment, allowed Diamond Mattress to remain strong and dedicated to its customers and their needs.  

Breana, Randy & Shaun Pennington
continue the family tradition four
generations later.
Today, Randy’s son, Shaun, and daughter, Breana, are continuing the long tradition of providing quality mattresses that help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Going from producing a few foundations in a home garage to becoming the largest independent mattress manufacturer in California, the Fourth Generation is now excited to focus on researching and designing products that fit everyone’s unique needs, while educating retailers and consumers on the benefits of sleep and its effect on someone’s quality of life.

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