Cool Touch vs Memory Foam

Our revolutionary Cool Touch memory foam was the result of years of study and the answer to the biggest problem of traditional memory foam: that it sleeps hot. Our proprietary Cool Touch memory foam uses open-cell technology and our fully ventilated design to create the most breathable pressure absorbing material available. Our Cool Touch memory foam maintains the amazing pressure relieving properties of memory foam, instantly responding to weight and temperature to perfectly contour to your body, but we have greatly improved the breathability, consistency and comfort. In fact, our Cool Touch memory foam is 10 times more breathable than generic memory foam, ensuring you will sleep cooler and more comfortably. With Cool Touch you will fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed.
 Cool Touch Memory Foam
Generic Memory Foam
Sleeps Cooler Our proprietary open-cell technology and fully ventilated design allows your bed to breath so you will sleep cooler and more comfortably, while heat and moisture are quickly whisked away. Closed-cell design absorbs and builds up heat and moisture causing you to become hot and uncomfortable at night.

Faster Recovery

Returns to its original shape more quickly so you don't have the "stuck in a hole," quicksand feeling of traditional memory foam. This makes your mattress easy and comfortable to move around in.

Recovers very slowly making it hard to move in at night and creating a "stuck in a hole," quicksand feeling.

Pressure Relief & Comfort
Contours to your body, allowing heavier areas to sink in further so it is soft where you want it and firm where you need it.
Collapses and contorts under weight and does not bounce back properly.

Consistent Comfort

Cool Touch adjusts to your body temperature and provides the same comfortable feel every night, but has a wider range of sensitivity so it doesn’t get hard in the cooler winter months.

Feel varies from batch to batch and the material gets hard when it is cold outside.
Support Distributes weight evenly by conforming to your body’s unique shape and spreading the weight over the entire surface of the mattress. The material bottoms out and does not resilient so it doesn’t support your body over time. When you move it leaves a hole you have to roll out of.
Durability Provides the same comfort and returns to its original shape year after year, which is why we offer our industry leading 20 year warranty. Cheaper material breaks down and softens over time so it doesn’t provide proper support for your body.

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