Our Technology & Innovation

We use the most advanced technology and testing available to ensure our Cool Touch mattresses perform as promised.

CoolTouch Mattress

Traditional Mattress

Body (Pressure Map) Imaging Technology

We use pressure mapping technology to prove that our Cool Touch memory foam and support system relieves pressure better than traditional mattresses. As you can see from the image, our Cool Touch memory foam distributes pressure evenly across the surface of the mattress, virtually eliminating pressure points (the red spots). Removing pressure points allows your blood to circulate and flow to heal your muscles, reduce inflammation, and reduce tossing and turning at night, which is often caused when your brain tells your body to move during sleep due stagnating blood and pressure.

Heat Leaving Dynamic Airflow
Channels in Mattress (side view)

Heat Building Up in Traditional
Memory Foam Mattress (side view)

Infra-Red Heat Imaging Technology

To study how our exclusive Cool Touch memory foam sleeps cooler and is more breathable, we use Infra-Red imaging technology, which detects heat and displays it as an image. Using Infra-Red imaging, we developed our Cool Touch memory foam and Dynamic Airflow design and are able to prove that it increases breathability and allows air to circulate to maintain consistent temperatures and creating a cooler, more comfortable sleep environment.

Our Dynamic Airflow beds clearly demonstrate how our Cool Touch memory foam and Dynamic Airflow design radically increase breathability and reduces uncomfortable heat buildup in your mattress.

Durability & Performance Testing

We used Rollator and Cornell testing to ensure our mattresses will not break down over time and will remain comfortable for years. That is why we offer an industry leading warranty that is twice as rigorous as the industry standard.

10 Year Usage Test – Rollator Test
Rollator Testing simulates 10 years of usage by taking a 240 pound roller and rolling it over the mattress 100,000 times. This test takes 3 weeks of non-stop rolling to really abuse the mattress. During that time, we measure the firmness and height loss at regular intervals to measure the change over time and ensure that your mattress will never get uncomfortable body impressions or soften and cause a sagging, hammock like sensation. Through this testing we are able to prove that our mattresses will hold up far better than industry standards and will remain comfortable for years.

10 Year Abuse Test – Cornell Test
Cornell Testing is an abuse test that simulates 10 years of abusive usage by taking 240 pounds of pressure and pounding the mattress in one spot, 100,000 times. This is like having a 240 pound person jumping on the mattress in one place for 3 weeks straight, non-stop. This abuse test is a further step we take to ensure the quality and durability of all of our mattresses.

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